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At CrossFit Tamarin we believe nutrition lays the foundation for true health and impacts not only how we look, but how we feel, think, and thrive with the absence of disease and illness.

We are often flooded with conflicting diet and nutrition information, and it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to make healthy choices.

While general nutritional advice is straightforward and easily accessible, applying it and making it specific to your needs can be difficult.

This is why we decided to partner up with What the health

Océane & Masha'aël will provide the tools and support you need to make simple changes that help you to build your nutrition foundation.

- What the health is an online platform that provides one-on-one nutrition lifestyle coaching in the palm of your hand.
- They bring together specialists from around the world to guide people from all walks of life.

- Their sign-up questionnaire allows them to specifically assign you to the coach who best suits your needs, goals, hobbies and interests


As a member of CrossFit Tamarin you will be offered a special discount.


Contact us for more info.

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